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02.06.2019, Bad Aussee, Steiermark, Österreich (Austria): 60. Narzissenfest im Ausseerland-Salzkammergut, Bootskorso auf dem Grundlsee. Fotocredit: Narzissenfestverein / Martin Huber

The Fröhlich Magic Festival takes place every 2nd weekend in September in Bad Aussee, Austria. 

The festival is named after Joseph Fröhliche, who was born in Altaussee in 1694 and achieved great fame as a juggler and magician at the court of Augustus the Strong in Dresden. In addition to his art, he was always a socially committed person and economically very successful as a miller.

International magic galas take place here every year. Every second year, this is combined with a specialist congress at which around 400 magicians from all over the world come to Bad Aussee to exchange ideas. In addition to seminars, workshops and magic galas, there is also an international magic competition, which is certified by the World Federation of Magic FISM and can be the ticket to world and European championships. 

Bad Aussee is situated 1 hour from Salzburg in the middle of the lake district of the Salzkammergut and Ausseerland. Millions of tourists visit this area every year because of its beauty. The combination of mountains and lakes has its own magic. In Aussee, traces of salt extraction can be traced back to the Bronze Age. Salt is still actively mined here today.

Fröhlich Zauber Festival 2021 Programme:
11 + 12 september 2021
Kur- und Congresshaus Bad Aussee


Saturday, 11 September 2021 – 18:30
The Desillusioniert“
International magic show
Erix Logan & Sara Maya – Italy

Erix Logan is one of the world’s best known illusionists. He has been travelling the world with his illusions for over 40 years. He has been seen in over 55 countries by approximately 10,000,000 million viewers and has appeared on the biggest and most prestigious TV shows.  

However, his magic has always remained young and fresh. He is constantly developing his illusions. He works with the best illusion specialists in the world, including Jim Steinmeyer and John Gaughan. 

His interpretations of well-known illusions all have that certain something that makes them unique. Erix Logan is rarely seen at magic conventions. The reason is simple. 

He is constantly on long-term tours and very busy.

His partner Sara Maya is a trained opera singer and gives his programmes class and elegance. A perfect symbiosis of two great artists

We are happy to have him as a guest in Bad Aussee!

Tickets are on sale at the Aussee Tourist Office:
or directly from the organiser:

12 September 2021, 18:00
„The long way to the stage“
A mixture of cabaret, music and magic!
Paul Sommersguter, Martin Kosch, Michael Großschädl, Erich Peichl.

In April 2021, the press was full of reports of these four artists who marscched over 550 km on foot to be able to perform again in the pandemic. A demonstration to show that even seemingly impossible things can be achieved if you only want them and fight for them. The cultural scene supported them in this. This programme came into being on the trip.

The artists, who normally perform very successfully with their solo programmes in theatres, are on stage together for once!

Martin Kosch – Cabaret: is one of the best cabaret artists in Austria and is also the national champion of magic in comedy.

Michael Großschädl – The music cabaret artist is a successful actor and a regular guest on television with his trenchant songs.

Paul Sommersguter is vice European champion in magic and a sought-after speaker at business events.

Erich Peichl is a cultural worker and manager of the three artists.


Tickets are on sale at the Aussee Tourist Office:
or directly from the organiser:

Sunday, 12 Sept. 2021 10:30 – 16:00
Special programme for magicians:
Are you a magician yourself and attending the two galas in Bad Aussee on 11 and 12 September 2021? Then we would like to invite you to a supporting programme on 12 Sept. 2021 with exciting seminars and presentations.

Lectures with the following artists:
Karl-Heinz Kaiser – D: 3D Printing in Magic
ERix Logan – I: Classics reinterpreted
Magic Christian – A: Stand up Magic up to date
Bill Cheung – A/CHN: Innovative Close-up Magic

Contact: hanno.rhomberg@mra.at

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